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  • The reason I asked is because I had an issue with reading data using the HW SPI.

    As suggested by @Gordon, I've tried flashing Espruino 2.06, and an issue seems to have been introduced between Espruino v2.06 and 2.08.

    I've attached some screenshots where I use the ESP32-WROVER to read from a chip which is expected to respond with [0, 18]. Be aware that with v. 2.06 SPI1 seems to have been used where we'd use SPI2 today, thats why I'm using it in the examples on v. 2.06.

    I post this just for reference, I'll open an GitHub issue.

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    • v206, HW SPI1.png
    • v208, HW SPI1.png
    • v208, HW SPI2.png
    • v208, SW SPI.png

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