• Thank you, this is really good detail!

    Interesting to hear about Gadgetbridge's reasoning. I can definitely respect it. I'll keep an eye out for updates, but won't wait on them.

    You're right that a notification would be easiest, but I do hope to avoid it, because I get notifications when the number I care about goes out of bounds (too high or too low), and so also having them for ordinary values (which I want to check idly from time to time) would become too busy.

    I didn't realize that the phone could advertise the data and the Bangle.js could pick it up. That sounds very promising. I don't actually care about privacy for this case. Even though it's technically medical information, I honestly am perfectly fine with someone else (someone would would have to be near me, even) knowing it. I mean, I actually publish the data to a website, I just don't share that URL too much. Convenience way outweighs privacy for me for this particular case. I'll take a look at this route. I assume that I'll need a (tiny) Android app to advertise the data. Oh, and if I ever decide I really do care about security, I'll set up a one-time pad or something to encrypt the data.

    I'm constantly surprised by Bluetooth semantics. The Bangle.js connecting to the phone is definitely interesting. I agree it's a pain, but, assuming it doesn't cost too much for either of their batteries, I might look at that long-term. If I could make it work then I could have a general pipe for data between them and that sounds fantastic.

    Thanks again! I don't know if any of this will become an app that would make sense to publish, but I'll at least update this thread with my findings in case anyone else comes looking.


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