• Hmm - this seems like it's a different issue.

    I'd advise against using tinyMQTT for exactly this reason. @MaBe I forget where it was but I'd posted up an issue about this (and a fix iirc) but can't find it now - tinyMQTT assumes that each data event from the socket contains one (and only one) full MQTT frame. It completely fails when sent more than one MQTT frame or a frame spread over multiple data events.

    Do you have some simple code I could run here that would show the problem here?

    My gut feeling looking at what you show is coming through WiFi is that you're getting more than one MQTT frame per network packet. The MQTT module should handle this, but it looks almost like it's off by one for the data packet's length.

    I may see the issue, but without being able to reproduce here I don't want to poke around changing stuff :)


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