• Made some changes to the code in post #13:

    • cleanup 'dividers' when drawing 'fat' gauges (enter halt() in console and press BTN2 to see effect in small, white 'fat' gauge in the center)
    • handling functions for playing with example:
      • h() - halt()
        - c() - cont() / continue
        - r() - run() / restart

    Enter halt() in console and press the buttons and watch the behavior.

    Next is to see how it works on a BangleJS.

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  • woah!!..that's brilliant! Thank you so much.
    So much to learn from by just seeing the code.
    I will take time to go through the code lines and understand what exactly has been done here.
    And without a debugger available in emulator, its going to be all the more difficult. By the way, is there one?
    This was an assignment given to us and working with bangle was totally new for me. I am drowned in other subject assignments as well at the moment, hence going through this code will definitely take some time for me.
    But, nevertheless, thank you so much for all the efforts put in and sharing every thing in detail with me. Really appreciate it a lot!


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