• @bppattan,

    burnt some COVID-19 lockdown oil... and had fun. So far I played in the emulation only and have therefore no feel for performance yet.

    The CGauge() prototype/'class' is a nice thing to draw whatever circular gauges at whatever places with any starting angle, any arch angle, counter or clockwise and...

    The filling of a 'fatt circle' is still to do (and some other stuff as well, as mentioned in previous post, and the already intended 0-tick/zero-tick/-marker at .deg0 with the .clr).

    Load the code into the emulation, run it and click the buttons 1..3 or enter value changes in the console as shown in attached screenshot. The .setVal(newValue,opt) 'method' has the optional parameter opt to suppress a draw update (-1), draw update conditional only when the value changes (absent, 0) and forced (1).

    The code with usage examples is in the next post.

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