• Hello,
    I am new to Bangles.js and Espruino and still learning the basic know-hows of it.
    I do have a background of Javascript coding, however never worked with Graphics.

    Sorry, if my questions are very basic. However, after searching a lot over the internet (didn't find a lot of information on coding in this environment), I finally decided to post it here.

    I want to show progress of the steps walked using a progress bar or a circle.
    However, I don't understand how to implement it.
    I need to have a thick bordered circle with some color to show the progress.
    OR a rectangular bar that shows the progress.

    Right now the data is static and am really not counting the real steps.
    So the data in my circle or a bar would not be changing either.
    My question is ,
    Qn1 : How do I create a circle with a thick border?
    Qn2: how do I fill the bar with some color or the thick circle border with some color?

    Thanks a lot!