• Argh, sorry about this. I know you said you'd attached as in the image, but did you try attaching the cable to the watch both ways round? While the cable magnetically attaches either way, only one way actually works to charge the Bangle - although reversing it won't do any damage so just to rule anything out it's worth flipping it.

    After that I guess the first thing to do to debug would be to see if there's voltage on the charge cable pins. Do you have a volt meter? If so you could put it between the two gold contacts and check.

    If the Bangle has charge and has been turned off, BTN1 should wake it.

    If it was completely flat, plugging into the charger should start it up. Normally the screen should light but even if something fails before then the very first thing it should do is flash the heart rate monitor LED on the rear, so it'd be interesting to see if it does that.


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