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  • What did you actually want to do with your mobile app? Stream the data live, or retrieve recorded data?

    I'd like to stream data to my app and create some live charts, like HR one and intensity excercise one, but also save them in order to see these charts after the run.
    I saw in the code that the app creates a log of each run, so for that task it's easy, but i need also to implement data streaming for the project (it is one of the task asked). Initially i wanted to write the app by myself, but reading the typescript code of banglerun it's well written, also in terms of measurements, with the kalman filters to noise reduction, so i decided to modify it in order to stream data, that is why i wanted to use vscode.
    Do you think it is possible to modify the file app.js by hands, making it readable? @Gordon.

    If it helps there's even code to graph stuff here:­/blob/master/apps/bletemplogger/interfac­e.html

    Thank you very much, it will be very usefull in future work.


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