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  • the freezing is specifically gadgetbridge related

    Ok, it'd be good to know if you find a way to reproduce that. Does the watch automatically reboot, or just stop responding? There's a watchdog timer so if Espruino thinks it has crashed it should normally reboot itself in around 5 seconds.

    So the problem is simply that Getting GPS Time since 2v08 for me doesn't fetch the time at all

    Oh ok! I don't think that's a bug at all.

    Bangle.js tries to get the time from the GPS receiver at startup, however if the GPS doesn't have the time set either, it doesn't update itself - and it doesn't leave the GPS running until it gets the time in case it runs the battery down.

    So if you wait outside with an app running that uses GPS (maybe GPS Info?) and then restart the Bangle, it'd pick the time up fine... But I guess what happened is that you had used GPS in the past and everything was great, then at some point the battery run down and you lost the GPS time.


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