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  • Ok, so you're still seeing issues being stuck on 'Getting GPS time'?

    The easy option would be to just go to the App Loader, then About, and Set Bangle.js Time. It doesn't help you if the battery goes flat (you'd have to do it again) but it should avoid the message.

    Are all the apps are up to date? should show you when you connect.

    You could do 'Install Default Apps' from the App Loader and see if that helps? It'll overwrite existing apps but would rule out any issues caused by other apps - I've installed exactly that 2v08 firmware here with default apps to test, and it works great.

    GPS Time is missing from my settings app - I'm sure there was an entry in there?

    I don't think so... You could install an app for it that'd appear in launcher though.


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