• Thanks for your advice. After a little bit of a struggle, I have got my driver to work with the SPIFLASH board description. I added an enable/disable function:

    /** enable/disable SPI - needed for shared SPI pins between flash and device */
    void jshSPIEnable(IOEventFlags device, bool enable);

    to jshardware.c. You can see it here]: (https://github.com/jeffmer/Espruino/blobĀ­/master/targets/nrf5x/jshardware.c) . I also put a weak implementation in jshardware_common.c. I am not sure if @Gordon will think this is something that might be included in the main repository. It would seem to be needed if you want to share SPI pins.

    Your board description only allocates 96 pages of the 4 Megabyte spi flash - is there any reason why we cannot use the whole 4M as with the Bangle?

  • is there any reason why we cannot use the whole 4M as with the Bangle

    This is part that I found to be unused and empty, and since it is relatively large I did it like this just to preserve existing images/fonts or whatever there is if you would like to restore back to original firmware.

    If it its not enough then my next step would be to go till the end of the flash since there is firmware backup that original bootloader uses and this is is not worth keeping. But you can of course use whole flash if you don't care for existing data at all.


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