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  • Hi Guys,

    1. first you need to download STM32 Cube Programmer from STM site
    2. then you need connect STM32F4 discovery board with both USB connectors
    3. if you install STM32 Cube Programmer then start it (with board plugged on both USB's)
      you will see this picture after it starts up...

    4. click Connect (upper right corner)
    5. if you are lucky you will see this picture

    6. then you click button Erasing & Programming (it is one on the left with arrow pointing hard drive or soething...) the you will see next picture

    7. click Browse and find File path to you .bin file, your firmware for board
    8. when you find it first click Full Chip Erase when it finish then click option Start programming
    9. then you need to install Virtual COM port drivers from STM site when you finish installation of
      it then find on which virtual com port is your board (my is on COM30)
    10. open Putty or similar program, and open com port after that you must see picture
      after you RESET your board

    11. write reset() command in Putty window and press Enter
    12. if you lucky you will see picture

    that it is

    note: also you need ST LINK drivers !!!

    I have problem with COM port on Espruino Web IDE, I can't connect my board with IDE


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