• I am now storing the widget state in the SAMPLER register, with these two functions (and not setting it to false on boot):

    function getAlertsStoredState() {
        var addr = 0x40012508;
        var val = peek8(addr);
        val = val & 1;
        return val == 1;
      function setAlertsStoredState( state ) {
        var addr = 0x40012508;
        var val = peek8(addr) & 254;
        if( state == true )
          val = val + 1;

    So far it looks like it works the way I intended.
    I would be interested to know if there is a way to make some code run only on first boot, but not on bnt3 long presses, but otherwise it works as expected.

    Thanks for all the advice and replies.


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