• P8: fillRect 256ms, drawImage 331ms.

    Did you test also g.flip of my driver? should be below 100ms for full 240x240 screen

    I see that you have made the board description public but I would guess that you also need the other files (bootloader etc) to build it?

    It is built with nordic SDK11 so you need just that, but I have it slightly patched, you can get
    targetlibs_nrf5x_11.tgz from https://github.com/fanoush/ds-d6/tree/ma­ster/espruino and extract this in Espruino folder and build with make -j BOARD=P8-SDK11 RELEASE=1 DFU_UPDATE_BUILD=1. No bootloader needed, you already have it.
    Only recently there is new i2c slave code that modifies sdk12 so for now easiest for building with SDK11 is to edit makefile and remove this line with nrf_drv_twis.c otherwise it breaks with error that no slave devices are enabled.

    SDK11 because there is a bit more flash and variables available and also because arduino environment is SDK11 too so it is easier to switch between them then. However with storage in spi flash there is also good reason to move to SDK12 as other espruino devices to simplify builds so I'll make softdevice+bootlader upgrade package to move it to SDK12 too.

  • Did you test also g.flip of my driver? should be below 100ms for full 240x240 screen.

    I did not get around to testing it as I realised it was faster which makes me believe that it should be possible to speed up lcd_spi_unbuf which has the advantage of flexibility in terms of screen buffering.

    Many thanks for the information on building - I will have a go and get back to you. Look forward to SDK12 as I think the Apple ANCS widget requires secure connections.


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