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  • Wow, this looks impressive! Nice thing about ESP32 is WiFi should be trivial - you could even make it load apps off the BangleApps site directly.

    I'd been looking at the buttons/touch situation for a Bangle.js v2 and I figured you could just emulate BTN1/2/3 using the right-hand side of the touchscreen - not sure if that helps?

    ESP32 Espruino port initialises all GPIO pins with pullups. When I removed this initialisation, the sleep current dropped to 4ma

    @MaBe after your work on the dump() functionality I wonder whether pin state really should just be left as input? Using pullup always seemed like a bit of an odd thing to me.

  • Thanks for the kind words. Loading apps direct from Github is a great idea.

    I am not sure about button emulations - there are a lot more possibilities on a touch screen swipe up/down as well as left/right,long-touch and double touch. It might be less intrusive visually to map BTN’s to some if these. In addition, for some apps - for example the calculator - it is more natural to use the full facilities of touch. With reference to your post on a unified interface , I think it would be equally important to manage variants of the same app for different targets in a general purpose Espruino App loader.


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