• Hello,

    it's the second time i'm asking help for this init i2C problem...
    This time, i play with a small SSD1306 oled screen.
    in 2017 i build some pieces with this screen and picos and every time i switch on the build, the screen init correctly.
    this week i start a new project with this display (same screen batch from 2017) but i have lot of pb to initialize the screen with a boring timeout and a busy error.

    Have you any idea ?
    retrofit with an old firmware?
    is it possible to have an old google app version? (which works)
    I just want to have a(n) (art)piece working (as previously). I'm suppose this not a hardware pb but a software pb...
    if i use my old code, it does not work as expected (as the 2017 batch)

    i work with espruino pico 2.06 firmware and googl app ide (not the online one) cause i use custom local font.


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