• Hi All,

    Is the FPU of the nRF52 utilised when working with 32 bit floats?

    I would like to find the most efficient method to process data from the accelerometer and I'm a bit confused at the moment:

    • Bangle.getAccel() returns floating point values already converted to g. It's not clear though if these should be considered as float or double in terms of C.
    • The Acceleration Recorder app converts and stores these in an Int16Array. However, one might think that a Float32Array would be more straightforward and efficient to avoid conversions.
    • There's a tutorial here in the subject but I wouldn't mind avoiding inline C for now.

    I'm new to Espruino/JS and I might be confused by how C types are converted in Espruino. Could someone advise me the best approach?



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