• Some questions regarding the RAM size and board definition file for Espruino on ESP32.

    1. What is the theoretical maximum number of the available RAM for Espruino on ESP32? Since ESP32's RAM is not contiguous, is Espruino taking up only one of the chunks? Is that configurable somewhere?

    2. How can I increase the current 2300 blocks of total available RAM?

      ={ free: 2259, usage: 41, total: 2300, history: 13,
      gc: 0, gctime: 2.346, blocksize: 16 }

      (I tried with reducing ESP_STACK_SIZE from the boards/*.py file and it worked.
      I tried removing BLUETOOTH but build failed with errors)

    3. What does ESP_STACK_SIZE mean in boards/ESP32.py? Is that reserved for function calls in JS code? Is the stack here using the same RAM chunk as the runtime RAM?


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