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  • Hello Robin, this is the another board with the nRF52840 that I'm using with Espruino. It has an nRF52840 chip (the bigger brother of the nRF52832 chip that can be found on the MDBT42Q). The chip can be programmed with multiple frameworks: MicroPython, Arduino, Mbed, Zephyr, and of course our beloved Espruino.

    I am not sure what you mean by the Arduino code block image. When I use Arduino as the framework, the neopixels work. When I flash Espruino on the same board, the board locks up as soon as it hits the neopixel statements.

    This is the nRF52840DK­Tools/Development-Kits/nRF52840-DK it is the reference development board for the nRF52840 chip by Nordic Semi.


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