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  • Thanks for the image. So the above with Arduino uses a longer array to write out the eight colors. was that suggestion tried? (ref larger array)

    And we confirm on board regulator is sufficent to drive 8 Neopixels using Arduino code block? (Yes?)

    'I don't think it's the circuit nor the neopixels itself.'

    Would have to agree (for #6 image - is that an Arduino and not the DK board?):

    EDIT: But the link in #8 post is to a different board that what is shown in #6 image

    Are we able to rule out the delay fetching the module across the web?

    I may have to eat crow on that one. I just took a look at some working code from two years ago, and I used the require within a function call. I've also re-read my notes and just realized the Neopixel module is now a part of the current release, so it isn't (now) fetched across the web as it was when I developed then.

    That strip seems to the the WB2812B and pretty common and easy to work with.

    FWIW: I had a heck of time many months ago, until I could confirm squaring up of the data line with a level shifter, and the correct leading start pulse length. I don't know the nRF52840DK and that may not even be a consideration as it is confirmed with the Arduino #6 post image.


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