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  • Ok, it'd be related to the accelerometer power saving code I guess.

    Can you try running Bangle.setOptions({powerSave:false})?

    Go to­, click the 3 bars, then paste in the code above and click upload.

    However I don't have this problem at all and if others did there'd be far more people complaining. So it must be some interaction with the software on your watch.

    Do you think you could try 'install default apps' and then re-add apps/widgets until you find what is causing the problem? If I can get the relevant app/widget to reproduce it here then I can fix it

  • Thank you Gordon. I will try this, but "power saving" may be right keyword. I have my own clock code, which is somehow special since it is not set to sleep when the display is off. It constantly paints the clock even with display off. I know that this is not best practice but I chose this solution to get it shown instantly without delay when moving the wrist. With this the watch runs about one week (without BLE).


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