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  • Hi,

    Thanks for recording a video with the button held down - that's a huge help.

    It shows that the Pico is getting a USB connection (because the LEDs are pulsing), but then when both LEDs light up it's usually because some characters have been sent over serial that weren't expected by the bootloader.

    I think it's unlikely there's anything physically wrong with your Pico. Did you have a chance to try it on another computer?

    If you open the Device Manager from Control Panel do you see anything listed? It's possible that for some reason the Pico is being picked up as something like an external modem, in which case Windows 10 is grabbing it and trying to use it to connect to the internet.

    Do you remember if the Pico that didn't work was the second one you plugged in? On the one that does work, what is the COMxxnumber that shows in the Web IDE?

    If you have been plugging in a lot of devices like Arduinos/etc I believe Windows can run out of numbered COM ports to give them - which might explain why one Pico worked and the second didn't. I believe it's easy enough to clear up though:­ow-do-i-clean-up-com-ports-in-use


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