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  • Tue 2020.09.22

    Hello @user118421 and thank you for your interest in Espruino. Thank you for taking the time to post the video, as that assists in responding.

    re: ' If I press the button while inserting'

    Halfway down page, below heading 'Layout' beneath image:

    '. . . Plugging the device in with the button pressed will the cause the DFU bootloader to be started, . . .'

    Was this your intent?

    Which WebIDE is in use? The online or the native?
    For links See:­353971/#comment15529342
    Is the intent just to connect to the WebIDE?
    Was there any response in the L-Hand console window?
    On inspection of the WebIDE console, was there any detail there?
    WebIDE >> Settings >> Console

    Although I may not be able to anwser your response to the following, it may assist others that may respond. I don't recognize the label that is on the Pico in the mp4 as mine haven't had that applied. May I ask which web site the purchase was made, and approximately what date? Most likely isn't relevant, but should I be on the wrong track here, it might tip someone else.


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