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  • It'd be great if you could do a PR.

    Best thing to do is go to the reference atΒ­bal_dump, then click the β‡’ next to the title of the function (you may need to scroll down a bit to be able to click it).

    That'll bring you to the exact place where the function and its docs are defined. All you need to do is edit the comment in the file at that point and send a PR for it and the docs will be updated on the next release :)

  • Done πŸ‘Œ.

    There was a small difference between the docs and the git-repo. The line
    "Note: This is not available in devices with low ... " was missing from git. But I think you'de need to be more experienced with git and how the docs are synchronized with it to understand why, I didn't add the missing line πŸ™‚.


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