• You'd just flash the JS (or firmware updates) via Bluetooth as you would with Bangle.js or Puck.js... or you can wire up the USB-TTL and write JS that way if you want.

    Personally I'd advise against using SWD to flash firmware unless you're developing Espruino interpreter firmware. The SWD pins aren't on 0.1" pin strip so it's a bit of a faff getting connected.

    I haven't been offering pin header soldering since it can end up being a bit of a faff, but I'll ask Christine how much extra she'd want to solder pins on - I could add it as an option in the shop when you go to purchase.

  • I just wanted to use this module to play and test Softdevice and bootloader updates. Like changing the bootloader address, and upload different supported SDK/softdevices targeted to nrf52832 chip


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