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  • @user118103,

    the Espruino emulator­ml is really a great tool to get you going: you have 5 input buttons and a 240x240 pixel color display which give you a powerful UI infrastructure, and the blinking of LEDs - the typical Espruino red LED1 and green LED2 - is emulated as red and green 'fat' dots. And the best of it: it is all integrated into the IDE, including the console, which allows to query (and modify) just everything (even) while the code is running.

    When it though comes to IoT - measuring things, controlling things and communicating - you have to get an Espruino device. The most suitable devices are the or Pixl.js has a ui - display and buttons - and can communicates with Bluetooth. Espruino-WiFi can securely - https - communicate via wireless local area network with the WWW. You can also setup it up an access point to run its own wifi lan. Running a Web server - all part of the Espruino ecology - and writing a simple Web application gives you a UI in a browser.

    Having Python experience helps you for sure with JavaScript programing. Things may be called a bit different - for example ...require("moduleNameX") compares to import moduleName, but many concepts come from their 'ancestries'.

    @AkosLukacs mentioned Mozilla Developer Network­/Web/JavaScript. It is the the reference source. More often I though got to W3Schools­ which includes many ready to run examples in integrated edit and run environment that you can run as is - without copy paste - and modify to explore more.


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