• I understand the limitations. Mostly just need to to spin up a TCP socket client or server and manipulate the gpio bus. Sockets are supported in Espruino with the very similar to Node net library. This will be a simple refactor of my es6+ code written for node 14 (as long as I can transpile). By using my json packet command library (via the socket) I can offload any web UI and most other computation to a much more capable machine.

    Initially I figured on doing this all in CPP but the idea of basically have one code base for my json packet socket client/server is appealing. So even a little transpile bloat should be tolerable given I don't intend to run much code on esp32.

    Mostly just need a few things like class syntax and promises/async/await (to avoid callbacks), arrow funcs, let/const/scope and a few of the native object improvements. Rollup already handles esm to cjs.


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