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  • Did a bit more digging on this and some testing with my espriunio WiFi.
    The 0x7780 error seems to relate to a problem with the certificate chain, likely due to the server using a self signed cert. I get this error thrown with the EsprinoWiFi as well as the Pixl.
    I'm a bit out of my depth but supposedly if you call mbedtls with MBEDTLS_SSL_VERIFY_NONE set then it will ignore the cert chain, I think this line says that should be set in esprunio though?­b/master/libs/network/network.c#L599

    Yes I was uploading to flash already, seems like this might be just too much for the nRF52 to deal with on its own, I think I need to look at offloading the SSL to something else like an ESP-32 instead of the ESP-8266 that I'm using anyway
    Its rather annoying that Tesla are forcing the powerwall to use SSL with a self signed cert, the whole project works really nicely if I could just overcome that issue.


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