• Update : working now!

    Reading the code from @Zakaton and @Gordon's response I added a characteristic.handle_cccd = 0x0038; statement.

          c.handle_cccd = 0x0038;
          return c.startNotifications();

    Now the Notifications are coming through.

    Device connected: A4:C1:38:4E:75:A0 public
    Service: ebe0ccb0-7a0a-4b0c-8a1a-6ff2997da3a6
    Characteristic: ebe0ccc1-7a0a-4b0c-8a1a-6ff2997da3a6
    C: BluetoothRemoteGATTCharacteristic: {
      "uuid": "ebe0ccc1-7a0a-4b0c-8a1a-6ff2997da3a6",
      "handle_value": 54, "handle_decl": 53,
      "properties": { "broadcast": false, "read": true, "writeWithoutResponse": false, "write": false,
        "notify": true, "indicate": false, "authenticatedSignedWrites": false }
    temp: 2484  Hum: 53
    temp: 2487  Hum: 53
    temp: 2486  Hum: 53

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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