• Hi everyone, I would like to upgrade my Micro:bit from version 2.04 to 2.06, but I noticed that both with different USB cables on both Mac and Windows (with related drivers) flash memory never loads ... and RESET button doesn't work either!

    The example code loaded via BLE works fine, but for saving to flash permanently I am forced to reset(true); save();

    Saving via IDE to "Flash" gives me error: Uncaught Error: Module Storage not found ... require("Storage").write(".bootcde","varĀ­ on = false;\nsetIn

    Do you know how to make flash memory reappear on desktop?

    Here are some more info, THANK YOU for your collaboration!

      "VERSION": "2v04",
      "GIT_COMMIT": "3956264e",
      "BOARD": "MICROBIT",
      "FLASH": 262144,
      "RAM": 16384,
      "CONSOLE": "Bluetooth",
      "MODULES": ""
      "free": 269,
      "usage": 31,
      "total": 300,
      "history": 25,
      "gc": 0,
      "gctime": 3.20434570312,
      "stackEndAddress": 536884568,
      "flash_start": 0,
      "flash_binary_end": 258132,
      "flash_code_start": 260096,
      "flash_length": 262144

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