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  • Got you! You'll regret this ;-)

    Anyway the code running in the last video is here and some info about getting better bootloader installed is here­placing-Nordic-DFU-bootloader

    DK08 is same manufacturer as F07 so the older instruction here­ster/espruino/DFU/F07 apply and the minimal FW can be used in DK08 too. As for the full size espruino I'll upload fresh build for DK08 later.

    Got all pinout for all the HW. There are several versions of firmware that can be restored back to it. Got latest one opened in Ghidra, that's how I got the display working . It has 2MB SPI flash/fontchip too just as F07/F10. So far only tested button, display and SPI flash. Also motor, battery voltage, charging pin as those are easy.

    Accelerometer should be Bosch BMA253 so if yes it should be easy too as it is widely used and has code on github. HR sensor not sure yet.

    EDIT: DK08 builds and some guide for bootloader installation is also here­ster/espruino/DFU/DK08


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