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  • @fanoush nice video!

    have you tried the 'LCD_SPI_UNBUF' ?

  • have you tried the 'LCD_SPI_UNBUF' ?

    not yet as it is slower by design than the buffered one (to save memory) so I don't use it, but on this watch it can be interesting as both the 0x2a, 0x2b commands are shorter (x,y are only bytes, not 16 bits) as well as pixel data. So it is only 1+2+1+2+1+1 bytes with DC pin toggle between that which is sent for each pixel (when drawing fonts, lines, circles). On the other hand 176x176 in full 6 bits take 'only' 23232 bytes which is less than 240x240 in 16 colors (=28800) for P8, and 4bit/16 color takes 15488bytes on DK08.

    and btw the LCD_SPI_UNBUF driver is hardcoded for 0x2a,2b,2c to take 16bit values so would need extra patch/configuration for ST7301


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