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  • Hi,
    This is a bit of an app-store policy question:
    I wrote an STL viewer app (STL is a relatively simple file format for representing 3d models and is often used in the hobbyist 3d printing realm). The app can read ASCII formatted STL files and displays a shaded 3d view of its contents that can be rotated around on the watch screen (see attached image).
    I concede this is probably not the most useful app for a smartwatch, but perhaps it is still worth adding to the app store.
    However, to get even marginally useful framerates for all but the very simplest models, I ended up doing a lot of the linear algebra and data manipulations in inline C using 32 bit floats and the processor's FPU (thanks to @fanoush for figuring out how to do that). For the FPU code to compile I had to host my own local Espruino compiler.
    Therefore, in order for others to install the app on their watch the app store version would have to contain a binary blob of the compiled routines (encapsulated in a base64 string). Obviously I would provide the C code as well, but it would be much harder for the casual user to play around with the code than with a strictly JS-only app.
    Any thoughts on this?

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