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  • I did some more testing last night;

    Firstly trying to fetch the pur3 page with the pixl returns an out of memory error

    TLS check
    TLS yes?
    Uncaught InternalError: Failed! mbedtls_ssl_handshake returned Not enough memory

    Then I tried with my EspruinoWiFi, fetches the pur3 page fine but on the internal IP I get the same 0x7780 error, with a bit of googling this error seems to be related to the certificate chain, as my device uses a self signed cert this makes sense.

    So there are now 2 problems:
    The pixl still can't make an HTTPS request even to a 'good' host
    Espruino doesn't like self signed certs.
    Is there any way to set a flag to ignore the certificate validation and just accept the cert, like the -k option in curl?


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