• This sounds like a great idea, thank you for getting in touch, Gordon.

    I think the documentation in the Github repository is a bit sparse - most description of OpenSeizureDetector is at http://openseizuredetector.org.uk - look at the Garmin Seizure Detector part to see what it does.

    If I modify the Android App to receive BLE data directly we should be able to make it work with other devices, which would be great - I'll look into how to do that now.
    If anyone is interested what we have looked at for seizure detection, the slides of a talk I gave today are now here: https://github.com/OpenSeizureDetector/P­resentations

  • Wow, just browsing through your repositories on GitHub, what a great job!

    OpenSeizureDetector could get a great BangleJS App or Widget, easy to load via App Loader