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  • So I know its not currently possible but I'm wondering what options I have for this.
    Currently I've got a board with a few neopixels and an ESP8266 on it that plugs onto a pixl, that then makes requests to an API to get some data which is displayed on the pixl and LEDs.

    The server I'm connecting to only offers HTTPS using a self signed cert and its on an internal network,there are only 2 endpoints I need to get JSON from.
    Currently I'm using a very simple NodeRED flow to act as a reverse proxy and take in a plain HTTP request from the pixl then forward on over HTTPS, but this isn't ideal long term, I'd like to have everyting self contained on the device.

    I don't really want to swap the Pixl for an Espruino WiFi, the screen buttons and BLE are all useful parts of the design.
    Could I replace the ESP8266 with an ESP32 but use this to make the HTTPS requests using its own internal client, I guess I'd need some custom code to talk serial to the E32 and then have it make the requests? Anyone done that? I guess running a second copy of espruino on the ESP-32 would be one way to go
    Whats the fundimental blocker with getting HTTPS from teh nRF52 is it just not capable? Is it a question of time/money?
    Any other ideas?


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