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  • Hmm, there's a bunch of extra stuff in nrf_pwr_mgmt_run that we don't really need. Might sound dumb but on some platforms it's amazingly tight getting all the code in, and something like this won't really help matters.

    I'll definitely stick the FPU code in there though (although most code uses doubles since it's JS).

    However I'm not too sure - there could be some power management issue but there are over 10,000 other Espruino devices out there based on the nRF52832 MCU using the same firmware, and I'd have thought I'd have got a bunch of complaints if it was something really obvious.

  • The issue is that you can't reproduce it when you want? Once we can reproduce it, then we can simply test some fixes all at once, and find the one that does the magic.


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