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  • Thanks - but as noted I'm afraid I don't have the design files. However if you were redesigning the PCB IMO you'd be better starting from scratch and seeing if you could get a circular LCD screen on it as well. If you gave up on GPS I think it would actually be reasonably straightforward to get something working as you could re-use the existing flex PCB with the HRM, charge point and buttons on.

    However the more sensible option would be to find another pre-existing smartwatch that had a nRF52840 in it and that also fixed a bunch of the things that the Bangle.js hardware doesn't really do right.

    It's something I'm actively looking at for the future and I have a very solid candidate in mind, but I've got another 3000 Bangle.js watches arriving here in the next few weeks, and somehow I need to sell those first!

    wrt nRF52840: I've actually done a bunch of work on that recently, and advertising/scanning works nicely. While the long range stuff hasn't been enabled, it should be relatively easy to add code to set the required flags to get it working.


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