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    Working w/ my BangleJS' and other Espruino boards, I noticed issues with rendering of widgets.

    One and the same widget can obviously have different size(s) for different states, which leads to rendering issues when one changes its state. Wether the issue is in or with the size changing widgets or the widgets of one and the other side of it I don't know.

    Here is what happens:
    I have the 'Tiny Battery Widget (v0.01)' installed in addition to the standard 'Battery Level Widget (v0.05)'. When the BangleJS is charging and display is on and I remove the charging cable, re-rendering happens with color change for the 'Tiny' and plug symbol removed for the standard. Since the plug symbol is gone the 'Tiny' is rendered shifted to the right leaving parts of previously rendering. Turning the Watch on later still shows the odd rendering...

    Conclusion not just for code but also for better UX: Widgets should keep always same size in all states... not change size when changing state!

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