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  • @Gordon - I guess this means that we can forget about a "structural solution"for the problem on the short term, and I will have to live with my drawString override for now. Right?

    Maybe I will add the g.clearRect(x, y, x+g.stringWidth(text), y+g.getFontHeight()) to my override, in my case it's always required with every drawstring.

  • One approach to making sure you clear the right area would be to take advantage of g.getModified:

    g.getModified(true); // Reset modified area
    // Insert whatever draw calls you want here
    let m = g.getModified(); // Save modified area for later
    g.clearRect(m.x1, m.y1, m.x2, m.y2); // Will clear the precise area affected by the above draw calls

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