• I charged the M5StickC overnight and ran the AXP192 sample sketch throughout. When the voltage reached around 4v I flashed Espruino and ran the blinky sketch. When I first ran the AXP182 sample sketch, I saw that the battery voltage was just around 3v.

    It looks like things are stable now, so maybe it could be because Espruino was trying to use too much power that the power management IC tried to restart the mcu?

  • If you have had no problems with the Atom, it certainly looks like the AXP192 needs to be initialised. Among other things, it powers the RTC which can reset the ESP32. I plan to test some initialisation code based on the Arduino class - as @MaBe suggests - when I get a chance.

  • I charged my M5StickC to full and flashed a blinky sketch. It's been working just fine (including console log of the time) for hours now.

    Have you tried charging yours fully?

    It would be nice to get some bindings with the AXP192 though, as it also controls the backlight of the LCD :P It's using the st7735 but without the backlight getting power, we can't see anything on the screen (or at least that's what I think; maybe I'm just using the lcd wrong).

    Would also be nice if we can somehow get something like https://www.espruino.com/Reference#l_NRF­_getBattery working through the power management chip :P


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