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  • As for bootloader, the one in espruino tree worked for me with Particle Xenon so it is also possible to build the board file with bootloader turned on and then flash it including espruino bootloader and use DFU over ble. I think with generating DFU package it just needed some change to use NRF52840 family for nrfutil when making the zip or bootloader would otherwise not accept it. But SWD is faster anyway (or usb).

    As for usb console prompt, yes it works somehow but I better disconnect USB as it interferes with ble console and it does something strange for me with Xenon at boot/reset time. Not using Xenon with Espruino very much but so far it mostly worked just fine for testing 52840 capabilities, no rough edges. And BTW with 256K of RAM one can hit Espruino limit that you can't allocate variable over 64KB size like e.g. new UInt8Array(240*240*2) for framebuffer (wasteful, I know, but 256KB!).


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