• As a pre-project, I took a look at the TI DRV3388 Dual H-Bridge. Quite an interesting and convenient device. Initially I expected to manage the control of the individual sides of the H-Bridge in my code. But with this device it is all taken care of. The device can be controlled with both plain steady logic level and with PWM. It can drive two (2) brushed motors or one (1) four-lead stepper. Datasheet - extract and .pdf - attached.

    The test circuit and test code includes two buttons that increase / decrease duty cycle across the range of 0..100%. The motor starts by itself between about 25% and 30%, but slowing down it is possible to get down to between 20% and 25% (no load). I used 1KHz and 1.2KHz for PWM frequency, but did not (yet) check with oscilloscope if they are the optimal one. The frequency can be heard watching / listening to the attached clip.

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