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  • Espruino 2v06 has just been released, with loads of neat new features:

    • Adding "ram" at the top of a function in flash will pretokenise it and load it into RAM for faster execution
    • nRF52: Fix duplicate BLE notification issue
    • Bangle.js: allow custom splash screen with .splash file
    • Bangle.js: Big graphics speed improvements
    • Graphics: added drawImages to allow layers of rotated/scaled images to be composited
    • nRF52: If passkey or oob is set in setSecurity, ensure that the UART connection requires encryption
    • Bangle.js: Tensorflow upgraded to latest version
    • Added new, tidier vector font supporting ISO8859-1 charset (thanks @nebbishhacker!)
    • Graphics.fillPoly improvements, and now uses 4 bit fixed point internally
    • Fix setTimeout/Interval accuracy when new timeouts scheduled within timeout
    • nRF52: Fix 'BLE task 2 is already in progress' if disconnect called during connection process
    • Puck.js v2: Put accelerometer into lower power mode by default
    • Puck.js v2: Switch to IRQs for magnetometer (lower power consumption), fix Puck.magTemp()
    • Improve software I2C (now quickly forces I2C high before pullup, to help improve clock speed)
    • Bangle.js: GPS-raw events now handle u-blox UBX Protocol messages
    • Bangle.js: SPI flash speed improvements
    • Bangle.js: BTN3 now exits debug mode
    • Bangle.js: Fix occasional execution errors when executing from Flash
    • Add Graphics.transformVertices() for fast rotate and move of drawPoly/fillPoly
    • Bangle.js Emulator: Flash memory support

    There were massive changes in 2v05 which brought a few regressions, and these have now been fixed:

    • STM32: Fix hardware SPI write regression in 2v05
    • nRF52: Fix hardware SPI regression in 2v05
    • Puck.js v1: Fix IR regressions in 2v05
    • Puck.js v1: Fix magnetometer reading after puck.magOn (2v05 regression)

    So overall I think this is going to be a particularly neat release. Especially on Bangle.js you get the ability to do fast, 8 bit palette cycled draws to the screen. They're used in the 'Animated Image Clock' and hopefully we'll see them in other places too.


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