• @Mrbbp,

    this https://www.ebay.com/itm/MAX7219-Dot-Mat­rix-Module-4-In-1-LED-Display-MCU-for-Mi­crocontroller/312816019224 I should get tomorrow to also walk and not just talk the facts.

    @Gordon, you are absolutely correct... I just take advantage of the configuration @Mrbbp wants to run. I'm also aware of the issues of drawing strings at the border of the buffer... even though this may be fixed by adding the - slowing down - clipping code. To be transparent: after looking only at the (post #2 attached) datasheet for sketching the solution, I noticed in @Mrbbp's code the use of the TM1640 module and took a peek at it and got the confirmation. I still though want to see it work.

    All came to be when I wanted to understand now the generic Espruino Graphics solution works when trying to drive a horse race board / derby board implemented with neo pixel (see Retro Horse Derby Game Board with Neopixels showing Reaction Game Status and Large Display: x by y w/ 24 bpp Graphics buffer visualized with neopixel string in zig-zag layout). I even went down to the detail of moving stuff around in the buffer w/ embedded C code...(see Efficiently moving things around in zig-zag Graphics buffer visualized w/ 24/32 bpp displays / neopixel strings).

    Last but not least I wanted also to that embedded C feature of Espruino.

    Btw, @Mrbbp, if you think of a art installation with a large display and 'swoofing/swooshing' around text and shapes, messing with the graphics buffer in C is the way to go... (I'm thinking of some thing like that for the Bangle.js, where currently threads are going on with graphics from storage and the challenge of multiple overlaying hands - display layers - quickly presented).

    There are so many options to get something done in Espruino. What a especially liked on this solution is using Espruino platform for the difficult stuff, like drawing shapes, filling shapes, drawing text, and the easy way of high level (game) control. Complemented with a little bit low level code that is easy accessible from Espruino JS level, I get best of both worlds... with that one can even over come the challenges arising from different graphics buffer storage pattern, color reduction, synching a second display, etc. (too bad never heard back from @matencio guy...)

  • Hi allObjects! I'm still around. A lot has happened since last we communicated. My pay was cut to 1/3rd where I taught at the university and I was still teaching the same number of teachers. That led me to resign at the end of the semester and find new work. I was hired to teach middle school and took a position in Florida between Daytona Beach and Orlando. I never had the chance to build the horse race game. It's sad because the files and all were on an external HDD that was damaged in the cross-country move. I've lost hope of getting that ever built due to my lack of knowledge around coding. Something being discussed here. As for the build? I'd really love to build it but... It's nice to know I wasn't forgotten. I haven't forgotten either. Life's circumstances prohibited me from building the project correctly. Mike


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