• but can this run also on a windows10 machine in case I have to use one?

    Possibly, yes. You would however have to mess around with Zadig to ensure that you had a BLE adaptor that could talk directly to Node.js. For $10 for a Raspberry Pi Zero W (almost the same cost as a BLE dongle) I'd say it's a no-brainer to just use one of those though.

    Just in case you need more info on distance sensors there's a bunch of stuff on the Espruino site:

  • Just so I understand it the right way:

    1. Would an ultrasonic sensor allow me to use a certain width/range of multiple people in front of the screen/installation in order to calculate the distance? What I am saying is, if for example, there are 5 people watching the screen/installation, and they are lets say half to one meter away from each other, some closer/some further away from the screen/installation, then the ultrasonic sensor would fire on the one who is closest?

    2. What max. width/range can I expect? I dont know how the correct terminus is, but I dont mean the distance from the sensor, which as far as I read is max. between 2-4m (depending on the sensor used).

    3. Would this width/range behavior I expect for the ultrasonic sensor (I expect it, but it might be a misunderstanding of the concept on my side), work on a laser sensor as well, or is the laser sensor something like a light barrier, what I mean: working only on a certain width/range exactly in front of the sensor?


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