• It works! Wonderful! Thank you, @Gordon!
    I choose good time for upgrade :) I've used v1.92 without the timeout bug and now I am using pre-v2.06, again without the bug. SPI is now working with TLE94112, too.
    Now I still have 2 problems only: temperature is readed not every time by OneWire (about 1 reading of 100 is unsuccessful, while it was very stable at v1.92, I've never seen that last 3 years, or about 1 500 000 x 4 reads) and EspruinoHub often does something strange (but I have another topic to discuss that). And, of course, unstable connection in EspruinoWebIDE: usually I should restart IDE server 2 or 3 times before I can connect to device, but the problem is development stage only, so it is not so significant.


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