• @SergeP I especially like the MQTT idea, but can this run also on a windows10 machine in case I have to use one? as far as I understood it, MQTT messages are converted not on the Puck.js but afterwards, when the advertised sensor data arrive at the client

    @kri100s thanks for the links, I suppose I could first make a quick&dirty test with my Samsung Galaxy S8 as well, without ordering a Puck.js?

    Followup general question:
    Any idea how to implement a good reliable distance measuring (0.5-4m / resolution min. 5cm steps)? I am just looking into the "Grove Ultrasonic Sensor", but an all-in-one solution, maybe with the Puck.js and Bluetooth I wasn't able to find up to now (because all online sources state that Bluetooth distance measuring is quite unreliable) would be much preferable.

  • Yes, you could test it with your phone first.
    @Gordon suggested laser sensors which would be my choice too.
    I am wondering what do you want to use the ranging for. From your initial project description I suspect you are trying to not only get rotation/inclination but also translation (moving in line)? If thats true I think this project might be more challenging. You get into stuff like SLAM and sensor fusion.


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