• I especially like the MQTT idea, but can this run also on a windows10 machine in case I have to use one?

    I do not know. May be, but it is a question to somebody who have tried already. I use bananapi M64 board as a server, and both EspruinoHub and mosquitto (and BlueTooth) on the server. May be it may be started at Windows 10, too. And yes, EspruinoHub converts BLE messages to MQTT messages. What is good for me is that I can implement some tree.js controller in 10 minutes.

    Any idea how to implement a good reliable distance measuring

    May be it will be interesting for you to measure smaller distance (0.02-1 m) with better resolution? You can use VL53L0X in the case. I've used it and have found not bad. It may be used at longer distances, too. But conditions are not usual, as far as I remember.


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