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  • Had outlined @FransM 's approach a while ago in a different conversation... even before background image support was made available... worst case - with a long hand it is still redrawing a quarter of the full image with axis-parallel, rectangular support only. Going a step further would require rectangular support of rectangles of any orientation... (Or triangles... that then allow any polygon to be handled).

    Partial redrawing (of background image) from the storage is though not sufficient to satisfy all requirements... because there are multiple hands and may be other dials 'in the face, over one another', like day of the month, moon-phase, etc. At one point it's getting to the point that each of the 'moving' / changing areas have to be updated and the updates have to be buffered. Just with three hands this makes easy more than 60 percent... of the full image...

    Therefore, it all depends, and a real solution is very dedicated to all what is going on in a watch's face.


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